18 Easy Dessert Recipes from Mr. Food July 2011

Ice Cream Sandwiches
This easy do-it-yourself version of cookies and ice cream sandwiches makes any store-bought ice cream novelty
pale in comparison! Our homemade recipe for Ice Cream Sandwiches is a load of fun to make and heavenly to eat!

Ice cream

6 whole graham crackers Cooking Time: 12 Minutes
6 scoops vanilla or favorite flavor ice
cream, softened
1 cup semisweet chocolate chips
1 cup white chocolate baking chips
2 tablespoons vegetable oil, divided
Assorted cookie decorating sprinkles


1. Line a baking sheet with plastic wrap. Break graham crackers in half, making 12 squares.
Place a scoop of softened ice cream on 6 squares and place remaining 6 squares on top,
pressing down firmly. Place sandwiches in freezer until firm.
2. Place semisweet and white chips in separate microwave-safe bowls. Add 1 tablespoon oil
to each bowl then microwave for 2 to 3 minutes, stirring well until melted and smooth.
3. Dip each ice cream sandwich halfway into melted chocolate (3 sandwiches in semisweet
chocolate and the other 3 in white chocolate). Immediately decorate with sprinkles and place
on the baking sheet. Return sandwiches to freezer until chocolate hardens, then enjoy
immediately, or wrap individually in plastic wrap and keep frozen until ready to serve.
Cookies ‘n’ Cream Pie

We all know that Cookies ‘n’ Cream is a favorite ice cream flavor. Now you can make this special treat at home. It’s
so quick and easy (and inexpensive) that you’ll be making it over and over again!


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